Cross Country Relay

Racing Pigeons Fly Across America to raise funds for Wounded Warriors

4000 miles in 62 days, across 11 states

Latest Update on the Relays:

All the information on the cross country relay up to October 30th. Read update here...

Recent Newpaper articles:

Article published in the Las Vegas, NV Review Journal, about the Racing Pigeon Cross Country relay and the 100 year aniversary of Cher Ami's famous flight that saved the "Lost Battalion" on October 4th, 1918. Also included video and photos. Read More...

Article published by Lafayette, LA News 15, about The Lafayette Racing Pigeon Club participating in a cross country relay race helping to raise funds for Wounded Warriors Homing pigeons fly across America to raise funds for veterans

How to Donate:

We have set up a "Donate / About Us" page for our "Building Homes For Heroes" Fund Raising Project.

Click here to go to the Donate Page...

Racing Pigeon Digest Article August 2018:

Racing pigeons have a long history of serving in times of war, and from September 11th through November 11th (Veteran's Day), racing pigeon lofts across the United States, will participate in a Cross Country Pigeon Relay to raise funds for "Building Homes for Heroes", an organization that builds and gifts, homes customized for the needs of wounded warriors. Read More...

List of Relay Lofts