Cross Country Relay

Racing Pigeons Fly Across America to raise funds for Wounded Warriors

4000 miles in 62 days, across 11 states

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Russ Codd Relay Loft

Russ Codd, Grants Pass Oregon:

Russ, a Veteran of the Rhodesian Army 1976 – 1978, is a veterinarian (Lincoln Road Veterinary Clinic) and lives in Grants Pass Oregon. He is a member of the Grants Pass RPC and the Southern Oregon Combine.

Like many of us, his first contact with the sport was as a youth, with his dad, in Rhodesia. Later, he raced in large competition while living in South Africa and finally emigrated to the USA.

As the second leg of the Cross Country Relay, Russ will ship his birds to Mike Coleman, in Salem Oregon (about 170 airline miles) and Mike will release Russ' relay team, after Mike's relay birds arrive from Vancouver, Washington.

When his birds arrive home, Russ will release the relay birds from Walt Schaffer of Red Bluff California, which will fly the third leg of the cross country relay.

About us and how to donate

The Cross Country relay team, is a motley crew of young to old, active to semi-retired from racing, pigeon fanciers, who are just excited for the opportunity to create good publicity for our sport and raise funds for our wounded warriors.

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