Cross Country Relay

Racing Pigeons Fly Across America to raise funds for Wounded Warriors

4000 miles in 62 days, across 11 states

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Walt Schaffer Relay Loft

Walt Schaffer, Red Bluff, California:

Walt is excited about the upcoming racing pigeon cross country relay, and is training some of his old birds to fly over the Siskiyou Mountains, in order to complete the 3rd relay leg from Russ Codd's loft in Grants Pass Oregon to Walt's loft in Red Bluff California on September 13th (estimated date of flight).

The first thing his birds will have to do, on the 166 mile flight, is climb 5000 ft, in the first 36 miles, while weaving through the canyons, up over the Siskiyou Mountains.

If the birds were to follow the I-5 freeway, they would only need to climb 2500 ft but the distance would increase to 207 miles (41 additional miles).

Walt, is one of the old school fanciers that does not really use email, therefore, he is waiting for his copy of the RPDigest to arrive so that he can read the article on the relay and use that information to work on his publicity materials for the local newspaper. In the past, when Walt had a youth club, the local paper published the results of the youth YB race season (six races) in the sports section of the paper.

The Cross Country relay team, is a motley crew of young to old, active to semi-retired from racing, pigeon fanciers, who are just excited for the opportunity to create good publicity for our sport and raise funds for our wounded warriors.

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